Pen to Print workshops – The Inheritance of Colonialism

Join Preetha in this series of workshops on ‘The Inheritance of Colonialism’, examine stories, voices, memories and images that reveal our personal stories in relation to colonialism. The creative writing exercises will also look at gently releasing some of the ‘pent up’ anger against an unfair system which was once an accepted way of living.

Workshop leader and co-ordinator, Preetha Leela Chockalingam, whose book ‘The Catamaran Oracle’ is set in 1920’s India, will work on the redraft of her novel between workshops and occasionally read relevant segments out to participants for feedback.

Set in a biscuit factory in 1920’s rural Kerala, India, ‘The Catamaran Oracle’ deals with themes of Indian independence, colonialism, worker’s rights, women’s education, empancipation and matrilineal systems.