Support if your child is disabled

Girl having lunch with carerIf your child is disabled, you can access support according to their needs. If you think or know your child is disabled, you are entitled to request a formal assessment.

The assessment may be done as part of a self assessment, a carers assessment, common assessment framework (CAF) or a child in need assessment.

Assessments consider a range of factors including your child’s health, developmental needs, disability, education, home and family circumstances, along with factors relating to your child’s social opportunities and life beyond home.

Children who meet the priority and eligibility criteria as children in need, which includes those who are disabled, are eligible for the services.

A child in need is defined in law as a child aged under 18 who:

  • Is disabled
  • Needs local authority services to achieve or maintain a reasonable standard of health or development
  • Needs local authority services to prevent significant or further harm to health or development

The referral coordinator in the Children’s Assessment Team will establish if an initial assessment is required in order to gain a greater understanding about your child’s needs and the level of support that will be needed.

Children's Assessment Team

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