Housing information

We advertise our available council house properties and invite you to bid for them. Each borough calls their choice-based letting scheme something different — ours is called Choice Homes.

Choice-based letting is a government-led initiative that explores into new ways of letting council and registered social landlord (housing association) accommodation. The aim is to give you more choice and control over where you live.

Supported housing

Sheltered housing provides a safe, secure environment where residents are supported to continue to live an independent life in the manner they choose.

Housing Access and Referral Team (HART)

Our Housing Access and Referral Team arranges and provides housing related support for vulnerable adults (aged 16+) to prevent them from becoming homeless and to assist them to live independently.

Housing adaptations

If you have difficulty using your kitchen, bathroom or stairs, or getting in or out of your home, we may be able to help you to pay for some alterations with an adaptations grant.