Occupational therapy and physiotherapy services

Occupational therapy helps children with disabilities and developmental concerns become as independent as possible. Therapists can help a child with self-care (ie dressing and feeding), school skills and play.

The therapist may recommend activities or programmes to do at home, group treatment at clinics, programmes and advice for schools or equipment, according to a child’s needs.


Physiotherapy helps children with disabilities, slow development and problems with joints, bone and muscles. Physiotherapists assess movement, mobility, posture, muscle strength and flexibility. They treat children mainly through exercise, movement and positioning through play activities.

Children are referred by doctors, hospitals and other health professionals, social workers, schools and portage.

If your child needs help to improve their functional ability, motor skills development and posture improvement, the service will assess and provide practical solutions, advice and suggestions, including motor co-ordination, specialist positioning equipment and wheelchairs, orthopaedic problems in feet or hips and physical disabilities.

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