How portage works

Your portage home visitor will work closely with you to find out what your child can already do. Then you will decide together on what to teach your child. Each home visit will last about an hour.

You and your portage home visitor will discuss a range of activities that will help your child learn new skills while they play and have fun. We will advise you on how to support your child’s learning by practising the activities each day.

How your portage home visitor will support you and your child

They will:

  • Make sure you receive appropriate information and advice about local and national services
  • Identify your needs and refer you to agencies that may be able to help
  • Work with other services and professionals and set joint targets for your child
  • Provide support and advice when you have difficulties
  • Hold regular discussions with you to make sure you feel the services you receive are appropriate
  • Attend meetings together with you to discuss your child’s progress
  • Support your child when they move into an early years setting
  • Write a report about your child’s progress, when Portage ends

Portage is provided in your home as it is easier for your child to learn in familiar and comfortable surroundings. Your child can learn through everyday routines and experiences.

The portage service runs a number of groups for parents or carers and their children to support early learning. Our service is based on the principles of:

  • Co-operation and partnership
  • Teaching methods which help a child to learn by teaching a new skill in small, easily mastered steps

We also work very closely with any other services involved with you or your child, for example:

  • health visitors
  • children’s centres
  • physiotherapy
  • speech and language therapy
  • social care
Portage and Inclusion
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